Meet the Owner:

Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself… my name is Kemi, oh! I have been a Registered Nurse for about 14 years specializing in Emergency Medicine. You’ll never guess which Level One Trauma Hospital I work at and love. Vibe Infusionz started post pandemic for me. I was one of those nurses working those crazy Covid assignments of 21 days on and 2 days off. Eventually  the mixture of stress, sleep deprivation, and being exposed to Covid caused me to loose my hair in chunks! As a woman, our hair is our identity so this was absolutely devastating to me! I wanted to curl up and cry because not only did I feel bad energy wise, but I didn’t look like myself. A fellow nurse on assignment with me from Houston, is who exposed me to the benefits of IV drip therapy. All it takes is one person exposing you to something beneficial in your life. This was it for me and IV drips have completely changed my life.

My goal with Vibe Infusionz is to meet you where you are at in your life. Are you sick of being tired all the time? I get it, we can do a B12 shot or an Energy Drip Infusion Boost. Has Covid taken you out for a few days? No problem. Let’s get your immunity up with my Clarity Drip Infusion and get you feeling better.

I’m simply promoting “Infusions with a Vibe,” as I call them. I want to create a feeling and an experience for each Vibe Client and I’m passionate about that. Life is too short to just let it pass you by.

So let’s set up an appointment and get to know each other.